Proposte Monochrome


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"Touching upon our existence
there is an eternal tone
Sustaining and trembling
In parallel squares
And in between these
We exist concurrently
Between the surface of
Transparency and on the edge of a beautiful
Poem by Emily Loren Moss Ferrell @ 2014.

== A tribute to french painter Yves Klein ==

Never have I been so thrilled to open up one of my favourite outfit [ Kissy Suzuki ], it was 3 days ago since “Proposte Monochrome” landed in my inbox. I downloaded the album late that very same evening and it was just the right timing as I was completely knackered with workloads, physically exhausted and emotionally drained out. I desperately needed something to smoother the atmospheres and to help transitioning to a better and a more relaxed state of mind. The advent of this digital release “Proposte Monochrome” did a fine job.
The opening piece on this new release is a forty-one minutes movement which totally works in favour of the artist, as the yielding drone(s) is full of glitch and crackling beeps. Clearly ‘almost’ the total duration of a full length title in its forty-one minutes piece itself, but the divine pilgrimage in subtle sounds and electronic-frantic establish once again, that drone is indeed endless. There is no argument and no denial on this one.
[ Kissi Suzuki’s ] music’s has always been of a fragile nature in terms of atmospheres and on “Proposte Monochrome” the artist has developed a unique algorithm by merging ‘synth-base’ sound together with some serious ‘electronic determination’ and ‘celestial longitude wave sound’. The amalgamation of these three elements results in a galactic gateway leading to define contentment and ease of mind. While this very same formula may not be of an unusual encryption for drone-minded fans and ambient-drone listeners as there are quite a few outfits who contributes similar type of emotions, but the overall inclination “Proposte Monochrome” takes on for sure covers the high-flown epiphany when [ Kissi Suzuki’s ] passion for intensification and mystique charm for subtle sound is taken into account.
As a result “Proposte Monochrome” is incredibly immersive with endless layers that one can interpret to either, sceneries or original soundtracks. The album lightness and subtlety evokes amicable memories that one can live to tell. In fact the mild explosion from a far distance feeling and the echoing background noises that tend to stay in your ears after the listen takes ambient and drone sound to a whole new level. This form of sound on its own catches listeners attention to the very best and invites [ Kissi Suzuki’s ] followers to yet another overwhelming work of art. [ ECSTATIC ].





released October 13, 2014

Title : Proposte Monochrome
Release Date: October, 13 - 2014
Written, Recorded and Processed : KISSY SUZUKI © 2014.
Mastered by David Teboul.
CD Artworks & photos : David Teboul & Peter nejedly
Distribution : BANDCAMP
Format : 6 panel Digipack CD + Digital.



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