Forest Fire


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Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa You can hear the radiating heat and scorching fire. At the same time you feel the calm warmth of the emotional landscape that is set before you.

And when the fire does reach you, look out, its passion for living its nature is overwhelmingly strong.

A compelling drone. A "Story-Drone," and a very creative work.
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Walking through the forest
Walking at midnight
A fire roars behind me
What a frightful sight
It's raging through the wood
Devouring every living thing
It causes my heart pain
To see it eat a fairy ring
What could start this dreadful fire
This thing that spreads destruction
It's burning all to the ground
Thinking theres no repercussion
Its eating plants, eating life
Ruining everything
We could run away
Give up the life it's maiming
Or we could stay and fight
Try to stop this forest fire
The one thats licking at my heals
The one thats getting higher
As I run I see trees i know
They're all in the greatest pain
I see firefighters turning back
Giving forest to the flame
I wish for everything to mend
No, I wish for it all to end.


Amongst key influences or simply on a referential note [ Kissy Suzuki ] sound can be considered or described as a cross between of [ Barn Owl ] and [ Markus Mehr ] or a speechless integration of [ Kyle Bobby Dunn ] over master mind [ Fabio Orsi ]. “Forest Fire” is a 25 minutes ride that will knock your brain out and shoot you to another dimension at the speed of light. We are talking from the press of the play button here.
The entire listen is like a gentle drive. The guitar’s presence v/s the noise and the background atmosphere are straight in your face and what I’d like to call apparent. Yes… to a large degree this new moniker may also appeal as an obscure listen or a sound that resonate in an abstract origin to many listeners but driven path is so bold that it bring down an emotional-hangover on you.
Best of all the end result makes listeners feels that the sound is complete and that there is nothing missing. The pairing of field recording and guitar-drone / noise sums everything up remarkably beautiful. Let’s face it guys… I mean it’s very simple, melodies that retain a deep human feeling are usually melodies that put you on top of the moon and with “Forest Fire” I can tell you right away that this album is insanely emotional. This is one listen you can be sure you’d go back to over and over again.



released July 4, 2013

Composed, arranged, mastered by Kissy Suzuki © 2013.



all rights reserved



Kissy Suzuki is a sound artist.

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